ONE HEART | English


It’s an experience and the feel of the film is something which cannot be described precisely in words.

I remember watching the Filmfare Awards, where A R Rahman was awarded by Yash Chopra for Dil Se(1998). He was very shy and introvert which could be easily noticed in those few moments when the anchor was pleading him to sing and he just took the award and went down. In this film, he talks about how he is confident about performing on the stage and how the unconditional love for a musician from the audience made him thankful.

One Heart dwells intimately into “The Intimate Concert, 2015” which was held across 14 cities in 2015. It dwells into the life in the concert and narrates the life of musicians, their performances, their songs, philosophy and the experience. If you haven’t been to an A R Rahman Concert, this is the film you need to witness immediately (as his concerts are rarity in India). It also gives you a glimpse inside Rahman’s personal life to some extent which flows in between the songs. For instance, he Skypes his family in Chennai from a Hot Air Balloon in North America or his goofy photo-shoot with his wife Saira Rahman. The best thing about this is it doesn’t go deep into his personal life and remains on the boundary.

For the whole 90 minutes, we get to witness the revamped versions of his songs. It was my dream to witness a dual language song performance and when Rahman himself delivers the goose flesh was rousing. From Roja (1992) to Oh Kadhal Kanmani (2015), the concert has his prominent songs which are revamped amazingly by Ranjit Barot(hats off for his incredible contribution and arrangements). “Chinna Chinna Asai/Dil Hai Chotasa”, “Dil Se”, “O Humdum”, “Saathiya”, “Patakha Guddi”, “Tere Bina” to the Intel technology’s new device music output, goose bumps are unstoppable. The goose flesh is ripped apart when Ranjit Barot and Rahman performance the Intel’s “invisible” music device. It’s a known fact that Rahman has the best of the technology in his hands (literally) but his hands have a magic, in a song he just throws his hands over the Piano and voila! Musical Delicacy. Not every day you get to witness a concert intimately on big screen, this is the beauty of the musical documentary.

A R Rahman also talks about the task of song selection (from 600 songs), where the band goes instinctively on selecting the songs while some or the other in the audience is still left out (they scream “Punjabi”, “Telugu”). He kind-heartedly acknowledges the unconditional love for a musician, the turmoil of the music in-process and handpicking the band members. He even goes Club Hopping with them in Toronto. He has some incredible talents hand-picked from Keba Jeremiah (acoustic guitar) to Jonita Gandhi (vocals), everyone is talented to the core and has a dual job on the stage. Jonita Gandhi shares her journey on performing “Tere Bina” (Guru); she used to perform in Toronto long back on that track and now she shares the stage with Maestro and brings the charm aptly (giving a tussle even the original singer, Chinmayi).

It’s a musical documentary and A R Rahman’s fans will surely rejoice the experience for lifetime. This is a “concert film”, where we witness the concert close. In the time of “confusing music”, as one of the band member states, this film will prevail musical captivating the hearts. The great technical aspect is its Sound and Sound Design, watch it at the best sounding theatre available. The Editing and the Cinematography is amazing especially, Rahman’s shot in the ocean after the interval is artistic to the core.

As Rahman states, the music unifies the world connecting him and people- the audience in his concert are from diverse cultures but unified by music with ONE HEART! Savor the experience!

Language: English
Release: 8 September, 2017
Director: YM Movies
Rating: 4/5


Copyright ©2017 Ninad Kulkarni. This article may not be reproduced in its entirety without permission. A link to this URL, instead, would be appreciated.


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