ADAM JOAN | Malayalam

What happens when the Cinema is a stylish form of storytelling? Well, Cinema is one kind of storytelling with its visuals and the cinematic look. Adam Joan is the best example which uses the cinematic technicalities at par. Recently, Malayalam Cinema has acquired prominent cinematic brilliance be it Angamaly Dairies (2017) or Take Off (2017) or the mass appealing Premam (2015). They have their own elements which captivate and hold the audience, for a Bollywood movie-goer these elements could be invisible.

Jinu V Abrahman narrates the story of Adam Joan Pothen (Prithviraj), a planter who arrives in Scotland and finds disturbing affect over his family. He investigates the cause with the help of his friend (Narain) which leads to the Satanic Devil Worship. What follows is a terrific and horrifying cause-effect of a small incidence which changes their lives. The story is thrilling as well as emotional but has little new to offer. It’s an old wine in a new bottle but the wine tastes freaking good as it is preserved for years. The Screenplay is interesting but gets tedious as the scenes are dragged (mostly in slow motion) nevertheless, it’s crafted well. Running at 2 hours 40 minutes, it manages to engage even though with its predictable happenings.

If you have seen Ezra (2017), which also stars Prithviraj- this film can give you a minor déjà vu as the revolve around the Jewish rituals but the genres are different (horror vs. thriller). The film does not preach about the wrong religious doings but goes straight-away dealing with it. It’s high time that the typical Satanic Worshiping should be stopped where people are scarified. This film gets the hook of it in a commercial way but goes haywire when it comes to the appeal in the later half. Adam suddenly becomes a Superhero (did he? still thinking…) and that takes the film down. The Climax is typical but post-climax; suddenly an emotional aspect is placed so beautifully that I was wondering about the thought as well as wondering about the tears. [the main plot is kept secret, witness the thrill unfolding yourself]

Jinu V Abrahman masters the art with a fruitful Screenplay. He is accompanied by captivating and compelling Cinematography by Jithu Damodar and a terrific engaging background score by Gopi Sunder. The classy cinematic look achieved is something totally new to the regional films so far, a great experiment indeed. The film is shot lavishly and stylishly in Scotland, where a character even refers to the beauty of Scotland that J K Rowling came there to write the Harry Porter series. Vivek Ranjit does a phenomenal subtitling, required exquisitely for the narrative. The songs are so lyrically inducing and thoughtfully seducing; Karthik’s pleasant voice brings magic to the melodious love song En Kattu whereas Prithviraj himself sings the painful and gooseflesh ripping song Arikil Ini Njaan Varaam.

Prithviraj is one actor who has established himself in a respectful manner. He carries the film on his shoulders, totally. Not a single dull moment and catches the hold of the audience quickly. Rahul Madhav, Narain and Mishti lend a good support. But the character and the actor in this film I liked the most is Bhavana, who plays Adam’s sister-in-law. She has my highest regard as a person and today after watching her act, she is brilliant in her job. And the little girl deserves a special mention.

This film though tedious to watch as many things are already seen and rest are in slow motion, the beauty is its command over the medium. It goes beyond the typical Bollywood and in its own way creates a terrifying world where we are left wandering at the end. And it’s a story of a Father who goes all the way out to save his Daughter. Regional Cinema never disappoints!

Language: Malayalam
Release: 1 September, 2017 [8 Sept: All Over India]
Director: Jinu V Abraham
Rating: 3/5


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