To begin with, today was a true cinematic day where cinema was celebrated honestly with Kranti Kanade’s “CRD” and now with Nipun Dharmadhikari’s directorial debut “Baapjanma”. I was literally blown away by the unique and versatile story-telling of both the directors. Nipun’s approach will be proved in the history of Marathi Cinema an unique and altogether (achieved) brilliant approach. Marathi (even Hindi) Cinema had such similar stories in over melodramatic manner, here is a new take on the same old story of the communication break between the parents and the children.

Bhaskar Pandit (Sachin Khedekar) once a RAW Agent now resides with his servant Mauli (Pushkaraj Chirputkar) and dog Tiger (late Joy) while his children Vikram (Satyajeet Patwardhan) and Veena (Sharvari Lohokare) are distant from him due to personal reasons. One fine day, to bring the family together Bhaskar along with his colleague Ashok (Akarsh Khurana) hatches a plan, death. This might seem an usual story, glad that the makers tried not to divulge everything in the trailer (which every other film does these days). If we (you) try to avoid the handy background story of RAW, it will exceptionally work. Buy the logic, and the liberty the Director puts forth in order to feel the strain.

This is a situational comedy, more of a TRAMEDY (Tragedy + Comedy) which Nipun pulls off with his impeccable writing. Young film-makers like him understand the sensibilities of audience and weave such kind of films. Enough of those over melodramas with pond full of water. Here, the screenplay works in two parts- a set up and crux. Though it the film does dip down a little bit while coming to the crux of the matter but that is all for next thoughtful good step.

Nipun brings the serious issue with a lot of humor and soars high with his technical aspects and acting. In a particular scene, the memories/nostalgia of Vikram and Veena is executed in one take while develops an emotional sense of the story growing within us. As much as the film brought laughs, it also caused deep pain. It is a must watch family film which many will connect to and yes, kudos to the brilliant use of technology and communication gap. In the age of technological growth, such use materializes the impact. Gandhaar’s magnificent background and (mesmerizing) songs especially “Mann Shevantiche Phool” bring smile and engulf us with its tune.

Sachin Khedekar reinvented himself as a Father in Varun Narvekar’s “Muramba” few months back and here, he re-reinvents himself in a dynamic form. Actor of a versatile caliber who gets into the skin of character exceptionally. The two actors who stole the film with their humor and charm by lighting every scene are Pushkaraj Chirputkar and Akarsh Khurana. Satyajeet Patwardhan (also the Production Designer) makes a decent debut, the confrontation scene is one of the highlights. Veteran actor Madhav Vaze (plays neighbor) in an important character role delivers a phenomenal performace wish we could witness him more. And the dog Tiger (late Joy) is as much integral part of the film as is Nipun.

Not much can be divulged from the film since its an unique world which will make you feel fresh and thoughtfully provoke, the unpredictability comes off magically. Basically, Nipun is the new Father (Baap) who gave Birth (Janma) to a new kind.

Language: Marathi
Release: 29 September, 2017
Director: Nipun Dharmadhikari
Rating: 3.5/5


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