The trailer suggested that it was a wannabe film trying to encash the nostalgia of a famous character series/stories by veteran writer B R Bhagwat, but trailers are sometimes deceptive or over-receptive (divulge everything). Aditya Sartopdar’s “Faster Fene” managed to bypass the skepticism I had over the trailer. Though Banesh Fene (Amey Wagh) might appear as a wannabe Sherlock Holmes to the new generation while the older ones will try to save their imaginary Fene, to sum up there’s no harm in having a local Sherlock Holmes as long as it serves the purpose.

Banesh Fene is a smart chap having detective powers appearing for a medical entrance exam where a bright student commits suicide, but Banesh suspects foul play- a murder. Appa (Girish Kulkarni) is involved in the ‘Educational Scam’ while a young petty thief Bhu Bhu (Shubham More), aspiring journalist Aboli (Parna Pethe) and B R Bhagwat (Dilip Prabhavalkar), a veteran writer having a mental block gang up with Banesh to solve the mystery. Kshitij Patwardhan who has penned the Story-Screenplay-Dialogues comes up with a relevant subject infused in an engaging and crisp Screenplay. The dialogues might be back-burner since it gets punchy at times like “I’ll go back fast and come back faster” but during some serious preach it serves the punch. Right from the first sequence thrill is introduced which sticks up until the end smartly.

Even though the film is engaging, it gets tedious after the Interval but immediately picks up before heading towards the end with twists and relatively minor flaws. What works in the favor more than the story is the character writing. Appa’s vicious character at a certain point becomes a character to root for (subconsciously) though this credit shall be given to Girish Kulkarni for his terrifying act. Taking a relevant subject like education, the film doesn’t really preach about it but flatters at times like in-middle of an investigation Banesh decodes every step in verbal form which seems unnecessary.

To my surprise, I came out humming the background score (Troy Aarif). Last Marathi film which utilized background appropriately was “Muramba” by Hrishikesh-Saurabh-Jasraj, here Troy’s score manages to uplift the mood setting the suspense-thriller bar high. Director Aditya Sarpotdar approaches the character story well taking into consideration, nostalgia. Thanks to Cinematographer Milind Jog, the aerial shots of Pune made me drool (personal bias) about this constantly developing city. Crisp editing by Faisal-Imran bounds the visual drama into a tighter narrative.

Amey Wagh as Banesh Fene does an excellent job, even though he appears as a wannabe chap- but that’s what his character wants, an adrenaline rush. He will definitely please the young and old people alike. Seasoned actors Dilip Prabhavalkar and Shrikant Yadav lend a good support in limited roles while actors like Yogesh Soman disappoints with his lazy act and child actor Shubham More kills the scene trying to act (well, he was good in Raess. hmm!). Siddharth Jadav (special appearance) in his typical but newly approached comical character brings laughter. Girish Kulkarni steals the show whenever he is on-screen, would love to see an actor like him playing a high caliber character role.

The film has right amount of action, adventure, drama, mystery and humor- a perfect ensemble required to make an entertaining yet socially relevant film. It’s a ‘fast’-paced film without any love story or song interludes. Hits the right chord,“Toccckkk!!”

Language: Marathi
Release: 27 October, 2017
Director: Aditya Sarpotdar
Rating: 3/5

Copyright ©2017 Ninad Kulkarni. This article may not be reproduced in its entirety without permission. A link to this URL, instead, would be appreciated.


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