Towards the end of Ali Abbas Zafar’s sequel to Kabir Khan’s 2012 Spy Action-Thriller “Ek Tha Tiger”“You’re a very charismatic man, Tiger” says Abu Usman, the mastermind behind Terrorism. And no prizes for winners, the whole film works on the charishma of Salman Khan. 2017 was certainly an underwhelming year for Bollywood with only “Baahubali: The Conclusion” and “Golmaal Again” faring well at the Box Office.

Eight years after the Cuba Mission, Indian RAW Agent Tiger (Salman Khan) and Pakistani ISI Agent Zoya (Katrina Kaif) are now on a joint mission to save Indian-Pakistani Nurses who are taken as hostages in Ikrit, Iraq. To speak for the film, it’s a perfectly spiced potboiler – amalgamating bunch of action thrillers and drama ranging from “Rambo” to “Take Off”.

While the story doesn’t really connect except for the Salman Khan factor, I guess that’s what the makers cash (isn’t it?). While the mission is to rescue the nurses, we don’t feel anything for them. They are dressed so neat, with lipstick and sorted eyebrows – looked as if they were enjoying their hostage stay. I couldn’t resist because déjà vu of  “Take Off”, a Malayalam film which released this year kept erupting. What Fahadh Faasil did or for that matter what Akshay Kumar did in “Take Off” and “Airlift”, the emotions felt so filled with glycerin, that the connect felt diluted. What uplifted the film is the background score by Julius Packiam and Cinematography by Marcin Laskawiec, it totally packs the energy.

On my left were Anti-Salman Fans and on my right were hardcore fans, while the story was setting up – it was so clumsy that the Anti-Salman Fans exclaimed, “Kabir Khan would’ve directed it well”. And yes, Ali Abbas Zafar fails miserably in the direction department. It feels mostly like an action comedy where the comical sequences are befitted between. While the perspective of the canvas is larger, being a Yashraj Films venture it does achieve what it sets to. Nevertheless, it falls flat trying hard to be serious. Blatantly!

Let’s not talk about the acting of Katrina Kaif. Salman Khan walks in a tailor-made role, but his character doesn’t strongly impact the whole plot. Paresh Rawal gets a meatier role and it was surprising to witness his chemistry with Salman Khan after “Ready” (2011).

Basically, it justifies Salman Khan’s dialogue “Ye Indians Bahut Hi Masala Dalte Hai” (These Indians add a lot of spice) – so does the film which also infuses forced patriotism. Nevertheless, a super enjoyable tide without an adrenaline rush.

Language: Hindi
Release: 22 December, 2017
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Rating: 2/5


Copyright ©2017 Ninad Kulkarni. This article may not be reproduced in its entirety without permission. A link to this URL, instead, would be appreciated.


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