PARI: Not A Fairytale | Hindi

An Anushka Sharma horror flick by all means. What Anushka has done with her role in Prosit Roy’s directorial debut is impeccable as well as unimaginable for the stature of a star like her. Well, in Tamil & Malayalam films – Superstar like Prithviraj, Siddharth and even Anusha Shetty have undertaken horror genres challengingly. While no star has explored horror genre and Anushka Sharma just gets its right and raises the toast. She has delivered a multitude of emotions to her chilling role which ranges from barbaric, romantic to empathetic and even gruesomely pathetic. We’ve always seen her in glamorous roles which were of a poignant beauty but here she completely de-glamourizes herself to a severe extent that I immediately watched her “Aadha Ishq” from “Band Baaja Baraat” (2010) for a retrieval. Being a Producer and Actor, she has notched up into heaven.

Rukshana (Anushka Sharma) is an abused victim found by Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee), while she mysteriously latches up herself with him in Kolkata. And what follows is a series of revealing twists and turns with pain and demons. It’s strictly for the lovers of the horror genre since it’s chills and thrills sends shivers down the spine and could sometimes spill your Coffee and Popcorn. But more than anything, it is effectively terrifying on the celluloid but it’s oversimplified and plain. It implies the usual cliches and fear feasts with scary jump cuts/looks and eerie background score which manipulates your heartbeats. Writers Prosit Roy and Abhishek Banerjee manage to put forth a gripping narrative which at times gets repetitive and boring. And the story is pointless and shallow. The thought process contradicts the contemporary situation about the Islam, Abortions and Women – at the end, it just feels unnecessary.

2017 saw the rise of supernatural and religious horror films with “Ezra” (Malayalam) and “The House Next Door, Aval, Gruham” (Trilingual), “Pari” uses similar elements or I guess there are similar ingredients to spice up a horror genre. But, “Pari” doesn’t leave a long lasting mark other than beautiful Anushka into the devil’s shoes, that where the film disappointed me. The Director handles the film with a lot of conviction but towards the end it gets melodramatic and the cohesiveness is lost. But again, it scares the shit out to an extent where I couldn’t take it anymore. Horror part works. But I think, every supernatural horror film is pointless (haha).

Everything in “Pari” is top notch, right from the eerie Background Score, raw Production Design (Meenal Agarwal), crisp Editing (Manas Mittal) spooky yet visually stunning Cinematography (Jishu Bhattacharjee), deep scar Prosthetics/VFX and sensitive Sound Design. Accompanied by a best ensemble, featuring Parambrata delivering a solid performance and Rajat Kapur who is devastatingly chilling.

The blue shade sends a depressive gloom inside your heart, the film scares the heavens inside you but in surprising events it does disappoint you (SPOILER AHEAD) diving into a romantic horror film – devil gets sympathy, that’s interestingly unnecessary in the due course of the film. (SPOILER ENDS)

Language: Hindi
Release: 2 March, 2018
Director: Prosit Roy
Rating: 3/5


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