TOP PICKS | 90th Academy Awards

“And the Oscar goes to…” takes place in few hours (4th March, 2018). I managed to watch the films nominated in various categories but missed out important ones – The Shape of Water, I Tonya, Get Out, Loving Vincent and whole section of BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM. While many things are considered by the Oscar Jury, right from the political scenario to racism to sexism and what not – due to which many films have already been snubbed at the nominations itself.

Below are my TOP 10 PICKS without any bias and prejudices, ranked honestly by the Cinematic Delicacy the film provided:


Nomination: Animated Feature

“With expressive Animation which is delightful and magnificent during Parvana’s storytelling, it eventually connects the heart and beauty. “The Breadwinner is an inspiring, engrossing, beautiful and exhilarating film which is boosted by Angelina Jolie. It never becomes unbelievable and the vivid storytelling makes the film top-notch. I walked away with the feeling of angst and empowerment.”


Nomination: Adapted Screenplay

“James Franco’s biographical-comedy drama is hilarious and endearing tale about the enigma called Tommy Wiseau. It’s relentlessly a dope film about an unexpected delicacy of the creative process. And James Franco’s finest acting outing since 127 Hours. Embrace the dedication and passion of the crazy film.”


Nominations: Picture, Director, Actress, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay

“This will make an instant connect with anyone who has surfed through the emotional cyclones during the adolescence. Also, it explores the relationships in a realistic and poignant way filled with generic-formulaic coming-of-age comedy drama. That one connect which made me fall of the film was “Sacramento is so uncool and soul killing” part – but beneath it, is observation and love. While the old school drama feeling was charming and the joyful narrative stings deeper than what floats. Nevertheless, I fail to understand the Oscar-hype around this simple drama, how accurate the filmmaking and the portrayal may be. Actresses Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf are the highlights in Greta Gerwig’s semi-autobiographical creatively ambitious drama.”

07: COCO

Nominations: Animated Feature, Original Song (Remember Me)

“It’s a multi-layered film which is flavored with the vibrant color palette, baffling animation yet relying on feelings and emotions without making a drag or a brag. Nevertheless, a melancholic adventure rushes throughout and considering the fact that this is Pixar’s longest film into production (6 years)- it works till one is overwhelmed. It is a heartfelt, melancholic, refreshing and vibrant adventure. Doesn’t scare the kids with the skeletons walking and talking throughout. SEIZE YOUR MOMENT with Coco.”


Nomination: Supporting Actor

“The film takes up an extremely risky storytelling where one has to follow characters and feel for them without any much building the climax. It takes time to settle in but once you’re in the enchanted world, it’s all about experience. It has a strong and commanding colour palette to its simple aesthetics, brilliant Cinematography. Depiction of childhood (sometimes juxtaposed with messed adulthood) is honest and poignant, there’s a wave of freedom raising questions about Modern America and it studies. While the tone of the film fluctuates but there’s the charming small girl (Brooklyn Prince) and sincere William Dafoe covering up.”


Nominations: Picture, Actress

“Steven Spielberg’s film stands as a blueprint and a packs powerful face of honest journalism, makes a historical drama which highly befits the contemporary time, and he creates an exhilarating drama. It’s a dialogue-heavy film which is shouldered brilliantly by the Cinematographer Janusz Kaminski. While the frames are mostly two-shots, it makes way for impeccable acting abilities of the two leads do the honors. Spielberg also lingers with the long shots and visual rhythm.”


Nominations: Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actress, Original Score, Costume

“There’s something delicate about Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest offering – an artistic amusement. The dynamics of a complex relationship between an artist and his muse is sensual, thoughtful and outrageously unconventional. It was an overwhelming experience about craft, discipline, love and desire – with the treatment of the love story being earnest. The film almost feels like a psychoanalytical study. And I’m restricting my words in favour of the film – it is a divine pleasure to witness a brilliant cinematic stitch by Paul Thomas Anderson. There’s a lot of happening at the breakfast table, the explicit metaphor of hunger will haunt you. Blame it on Daniel’s performance! Delicately balancing between creation and destruction, “Phantom Thread” is a visually and intellectually bizarre film.”


Nominations: Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor, Original Screenplay, Film Editing, Original Score

“This is a dark comic crime drama which is profoundly for an attentive viewer. The gripping tale narrates an interesting story of a Mother who hires three billboards in order to call attention upon her daughter’s murder investigation. There’s so much angst and closure trying to succumb inside a fine Screenplay by Martin McDonagh. The strong conflict takes over in the due course taking the characters close to the reality and the motives are human. With taut and crips Editing, the film almost nears towards a masterpiece although with much cinematic convenience – the performances move and surprise you. It doesn’t drag at all and there’s a chance of hope amidst a lot of anger, I succumbed my cinematic delicacy to the best of cinema.”


Nominations: Picture, Director, Cinematography, Film Editing, Original Score, Production Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing

“An emotionally draining journey, a cinematic masterpiece delivered by the man full in command of his craft. It starts from the point without any introduction and stuff, it’s a journey to home amidst the raging war. Nolan plays solely on the plight of soldiers, their innocence, pain and strive is portrayed hardcore- approach is distinctive for the viewers. Christopher Nolan has delivered a simple story but an intimidating endeavour, an honest war drama making you witness the plight of soldiers, with humanistic approach- Dunkirk is an exceptional masterpiece.”


Nominations: Picture, Actor, Adapted Screenplay, Original Song (Mystery of Love)

“This is 2017’s most mesmerizing film which ends on a powerful bittersweet chord. The story can be relatable and can resonate the moment which paves the way out of our sight leaving a void feeling. I didn’t anticipate how deeply moving this film would be and by the time I made a heartfelt exit, the film became “best film of the year” already. Two-major takeaways: Timothée Chalamet and the beguiling Italian landscape. I savored every minute of the film which travels through light, joyful and devastatingly emotional state. What a ravishing cinematic piece!”

Place your baits…FINGERS CROSSED…

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