REDU | Marathi

Sagar Vanjari’s directorial debut Redu (Radio) is a classic example of Freudian Interpretation. And it completely relies upon the interpretation from start to end, it became an unbelievable instance to witness a Freudian Interpretation in Marathi Cinema. To top it all, it was kept too simple with a humanistic approach. To quote Sigmund Freud, “Children are completely egoistic; they feel their needs intensely and strive ruthlessly to satisfy them.” – here, Tatu’s (Shashank Shende) desire to have a radio is ID (pleasure) and the EGO (helps meet the desires of the ID) works with reality as Tatu strives had to get the radio back by working. When he works, there are subtle metaphors like digging a well, planting rice crops and pulling a boat from the sea – these work as the complex principles of human emotions. His work is demonstration of Freudian EGO which deals with reality, also may mean delaying gratification, and helping to get rid of the tension the ID feels if a desire is not met right away. And Vanjari’s film sums up the theory perfectly with, the EGO recognises that other people have needs and wants too, and that being selfish is not always good for us in the long run.

Written by Sanjay Navgire along with Chinmay Patankar and Sagar Vanjari is a quest set in the 70s along the coastal Maharashtra around a Radio. It lives, ignites and aspires with small delicate moments for instance just the first awestruck reaction of Tatu and his quest to protect the Radio. It brings out the child within and plays out as socially and whimsically as viable for acceptance. Redu follows the logical progression rather than the typical masala mess but here the ambitious factor is its simplistic approach. While extracting human relationships and the rich Konkani landscape, the makers deliver an endearing cinematic treat.

Shashank Shende is such a nuanced actor, he’s like Irrfan Khan. Literally transforming the character just through subtle expressions is an achievement and Shende has consistently managed to pull it. I literally travelled 120 kms to watch the film, its not a brag. It’s a compliment to the makers, such a deserving film needs an applaud to make a rural film which relates to people in Cairo (where the film played few months back) to the Urban crowd in Pune. And the characters were so relatable, I travelled from Konkan (where the film is also set) to Pune – it felt almost the reverse, witnessing all the characters dispatched into a cinematic form.

Redu is an expression of the longing desires hidden, a story of relationship between a man and his radio which has been beautifully transferred on screen. In the times of rapidly growing technology, Redu makes us travel back to the era where the feelings of unwrapping a technology like Radio was immense and intense.

Language: Marathi
Release: 18 May, 2018
Director: Sagar Vanjari
Rating: 4/5


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