Dharma Productions foraying into Marathi Cinema gives a hope of digging out new ventures and aspirations to many filmmakers and journeys. Also, the audacity to cast a yesteryear star is high. But, what if you’re given a feel-good script by a mediocre director? The result is a goody venture bagged with mediocrity. And yes, mediocre will be the word in the followed review, not a review can also be offensive but here’s my genuine first-hand experience of watching a film. Bucket List mainly lingers around Madhuri Dixit’s overdue fulfilment of her bucket list, debuting in Marathi Cinema.

Madhura Sane (Madhuri Dixit-Nene) commits herself to fulfilling a bucket list of her organ donor which leads her to self-discovery. It’s all good film where the least concern seems conviction and the only concern seems comforting the audience with Madhuri’s presence. In the 130 minutes long film, Director Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar is evidently intimidated by Madhuri. There are sparkling moments but its all artificial and cringeworthy, its a painful watch. Its a great story to hear rather than witnessing it, where the moments are exaggerated and spoilt by mediocre direction. I rather choose to write a first hand review or-else I would’ve written an essay dissecting every scene from this mediocre film, but I don’t want to torture myself yet again (no pun intended).

Bucket List reminds of two films, Sridevi’s English Vinglish (2012) and Vidya Balan’s Tumhari Sulu (2017). While the latter is empowering and the former maps a confidence in the female protagonist’s journey, Bucket List flatters itself with fake feminism, and when a star like Madhuri Dixit is casted – an enchanted cast is spell for instant appeal (?). Madhura Sane responds to her husband, “You’re not on my bucket list, you’re my bucket.”Oh yes, patriarchal win. It’s all shallow, the self-discovery is never realised with conviction, its barely inspiring.

Madhuri Dixit-Nene has a charming enchantment over the screen and never fails to mesmerise. But, the generic acting feels outdated, it might a thing for 80s-90s which the Director was certainly intimidated by. Remove Madhuri from the film, its a massive failure on all levels. When a great supporting cast including Renuka Shahane, Milind Phatak, Ila Bhate, etc. fail to act, who is to blame? Even the young guns like Krutika Deo, Shalva Kinjawadekar, etc. are predators to dramatic theatre acting. Personally, the only scenes I liked featured the veteran actors Dilip Prabhavalkar and Vandana Gupte.

Bucket List is a disappointing venture which will be helmed and the cringeworthy (acting and direction) will be overlooked for the sake of charming Madhuri Dixit. Its highly stale and consistent on the script front, never rises above it. And the audience noticed a scene from Malaysia shot in Pune, the chances of efforts taken are low and the film is not to be taken seriously.

Language: Marathi
Release: 25 May, 2018
Director: Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar
Rating: 1.5/5


Copyright ©2018 Ninad Kulkarni. This article may not be reproduced in its entirety without permission. A link to this URL, instead, would be appreciated.


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