Evidently is a mixture of co-incidentally 2011-releases Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Bridesmaids and Pyaar Ka Punchanama with a divine touch of Sex And The City (2008). It carries a typical template which is hard to ignore since it heavily draws from latter film. Hence, the film turns out to be a disappointing venture even though it provides handsome and designer entertainment. Lavish wardrobes, designer costumes, even the washroom looked luxurious – the luxury comes with the ultra rich setting in Delhi.

It hits the right chords with the comedy while the Screenplay by Nidhi Mehra and Mehul Suri is all over the place trying too hard. Conviction is one of the major aspect which lacks, there’s hardly any feel or connection – most of the things are shallow and the luxurious work surpasses it. There are no real conversation which connect, the film travels only over the surface trying to be “THE CHICK FLICK”. And its not even empowering, the act of making a film as an answer fails on every level.

Surprisingly, its strange to find two odd shining extracts – the homosexual relationship of Uncle which is far more empowering than the overall impact of the film even though its kept low and Sumeet Vyas, who shines bright playing an understandable character. I wished the audience understands the shallowness of the film and not succumb to the kind of attitude it carries. Does smoking, drinking, cussing, etc. define mutiny? Definitely not. Acceptance about “not being about empowerment” makes the film more entertaining. Thankfully, there wasn’t anything too cringeworthy hence termed it as a “handsome entertainer”.

As a Shikha Talsania (the only relatable character delivering fine performance) is called “Bro” by the elegant Kareena Kapoor Khan – the film isn’t liberating but titillates the gender issue.

Language: Hindi
Release: 01 June, 2018
Director: Shashanka Ghosh
Rating: 2/5


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