MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT: impressive riveting action thriller you deserve

MI has the audacity to be generic in nature yet deliver unstoppably and sell upon the ageless Tom Cruise, it was the fate of previous two MI films. Mission Impossible: Fallout is as exciting and thrilling as you’d expect, perhaps, the most impressive film in the MI Franchise.

As the 147 minutes long film progresses towards the third act, the action sequences keep pouring until engagement and exhaustion. If you look beneath the presentation, it’s again a generic story – protagonist on the edge to save the world from Nuclear Attack. So what’s new? There’s nothing out-of-the-blue with Fallout, only matter of fact that it’s presented deftly with character drama and a riveting screenplay which allows the necessary impact for the next plot points.

Writer-Director Christopher McQuarrie has a keen eye on spatial balance and plot points which shell an impactful entertainment, that’s the spectacle of Fallout. To dissect it in terms of riveting experience, the drama which takes place at its own pace is followed by the twists and turns raging towards the high octane actions sequences. Ethan Hunt is the requisite stake of life-and-death, inside a seemingly unstoppable action force. With breathtaking stunts at the backdrop of visual spectacle of Berlin, Paris, Kashmir and London – Fallout presents a riveting action thriller which you deserve.

Mission Impossible: Fallout has everything in excess, but with a tinge of conviction and ambition to soar high. And then there’s rousing soundtrack by Lorne Balfe with eye-popping Cinematography by Rob Hardy. “If Cruise jumps off a plane, we will see him doing so in full frame and the sequence will be filmed in a single shot. If he is wrestling his main antagonist on top of a cliff, the camera will pull back so we can see for ourselves that there isn’t any scaffolding or soft landing area, just a vertiginous drop below.” says Wade. The heart-pumping action choreography by Wade Eastwood is the main highlight given Tom Cruise‘s dedication and hunger towards keeping them real.

The breathlessly exciting action thriller which runs long is the definitive action thriller promised by Tom Cruise, worth the promise.

Language: English
Release: 27 July, 2018
Rating: 3.5/5


Copyright ©2018 Ninad Kulkarni. This article may not be reproduced in its entirety without permission. A link to this URL, instead, would be appreciated.



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