TIKLI AND LAXMI BOMB: a revolution which never explodes

Unapologetic nature and tone of Aditya Kripalani’s Tikli And Laxmi Bomb makes the film distinct from the usual set pieces about sexworkers’ sob or justifiable story. Darkness is an ally which creates a brooding effective while the characters encounter themselves within the realms of it. In the men-ridden society, here, two sex workers (played by Vibha Dixit Deshpande and Chitrangada Chakraborty) develop a bond and an idea to revolt against the system. Based on Kripalani’s own novel, the film features a strong female crew which makes the approach towards gender sensitivity in a visionary female-revolution.

Despite its challenging and an incredible subject which tackles the system instead of dwelling inside the physiological aspects – Tikli And Laxmi Bomb fails to crack a punch or rather set off a bomb. There’s definitely a bomb idea, but it diffuses midway; without any grey characters, the film slowly travels a predictable path, given the tireless duration, a major drawback for which could have been a crispy and taut drama.

Cinematographer Aditi Sharma shoots with natural lighting in the darkness of Mumbai which acts as a supporting character, the handheld shots often distract the conversation though the importance and intention is remarkable. While it doesn’t romanticises the frames, we’re not-so-often served such a raw deal which might leave you in a state of confusion. Aditya Kripalani’s progressive film runs at 2 hours 30 mins, it’s a long tiresome revolution but a jolt at the reality.

Language: Hindi
Netflix Release: 1 August, 2018
Rating: 2/5


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    1. From the recent releases, I strongly remember Begum Jaan (and its original Rajkahini) which dealt on similar lines of Tikli but they were TOO melodramatic to handle.

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