TIK TIK TIK: an ambitious disaster

India’s First Space Film Tik Tik Tik lacks the urgency of handling the stakes of mankind before it ultimately enters an unintentional comic zone. With an ambitious venture, one expects at least an impressive visual treat if not a story – but the whole treat is derived from your favourite Sci-Fi Films. I suppose Director Shakti Soundar Rajan marked himself safe by offering a wholesome entertainment which doesn’t work now – also it travels on the lines of Armageddon (1998), which worked back then.

Tik Tik Tik offers an asteroid speeding towards the Earth, which will destruct a large chunk of India. Indian Army casually deploys a magician-cum-thief (Mersal, Vijay Anna?) who wears a Maghizhichi (Kabali, huh?) to steal a nuclear missile from another country’s space station. Story is strictly for primary-school level, its so uninspiring and casual that the sole purpose of thrill towards the end is wiped out due to it.

And a big-budget Space Film manipulates the time and spatial aspects, there’s even an Intercourse between two spacecrafts (bad interpretation, but that’s what the distractive script made me nitpick) which casually exchange fuel in an unhurried pace. I wonder why wasn’t there any hormonal temptation amidst all the unhurried expedition, may be the speeding asteroid which has to be cracked into two parts symbolises the hormonal diversion(?).

And then there’s our saviour protagonist Jayam Ravi with his deadpan acting palette, it looks as if he couldn’t neatly use the zero-gravity lavatory. There’s no excitement in venturing out into the space – it’s as casual as it can be.

Language: Tamil
Release: 22 June, 2018
Rating: Error


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