NAMDEV BHAU: In Search of Silence by Dar Gai | MAMI

Namdev Bhau: In Search of Silence comes at a point when hustling and gasping through the chaotic Mumbai becomes an adventure. Hence, as I write this particular review plagued in non-escapism – Dar Gai’s sound film remarks about an old protagonist setting out free from constantly vocal Mumbai towards a Silent Valley. Dar Gai is a sound director who infuses sound design with meticulous depth, here’s an excerpt about sound from her directorial debut Teen Aur Aadha (2017): sound design delivers a time period more than anything, effectively making us drench into dark, deary and secret walls of a house. Even in Namdev Bhau, she explores the state of psyche through sound – it’s like a storm slow-burning a silent solace.

Namdev Bhau is an unpretentious film whose merit lies in characteristics of Namdev, an observation of a real life character weaved intricately. It’s as humourous as it’s intricate, since it exquisitely plays in a sumptuous manner. There’s a constant smile throughout, while it’s easy to sympathize with Namdev Bhau – it’s a difficult directorial task to achieve to present (subtle) expressive film. There’s a deft innocence with a character at edge-of-the-life, old age and teenage, makes it heartwarming.

Namdev Bhau in its sweet interaction is an endearing film, a striking resonance and simplicity sets the bar high. And it runs for about 85 minutes leaving with spirituality vs. reality that’s contradicted with a pestering young kid against Namdev Bhau. Cinematographer Aditya Varma takes through enchanting Ladakh which is as picturesque as it’s opaque. Namdev Bhau is played by Namdev Gurav, from whom the character is inspired. The non-actor delivers an antic performance clashed with ever pestering Arya Dave.

It’s a resonating film which talks about urban alienation and globalisation in subtle context amidst finding peace. From evolution to revolution, Dar Gai’s sound film is a sweet motivation sprouting a quest of tranquility.

India Premiere | Fiction | Time: 85 Mins
Section: Discovering India | Country: India

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