Based on the controversial book by Sanjaya Baru, former Media Advisor to Dr. Manmohan Singh, The Accidental Prime Minister is more of a parody political vehicle than being a film. Torn between empathy and propaganda, with Lok Sabha Elections around the corner it becomes a PowerPoint presentation. The Accidental Prime Minister has a right to exist amidst political dissemination, but the problem is with Director Vijay Gutte succumbing hysterically to shoddy filmmaking. Vijay Gutte’s amateur presentation is a lazy political resolution, with even the real footage downloaded in 240p posed against reel footage shot in 4K.

The Accidental Prime Minister incidentally steps on the House of Cards-like narrative breaking the fourth wall which eliminates reel and infuses real conditioning. Accidentally, it lacks or rather oversees craft of filmmaking for a larger electoral perspective – it never rises above mediocrity. With major happenings take place at PMO, Dr. Manmohan Singh is treated as a weak man who was caught within profits of a “Family”. The film throws light on Congress Party, Alliance, and even Opposition but never steps into the family planning – apart from convenient plotting. Since The Accidental Prime Minister follows the political as well as personal maneuver as it traverses the downfall – it reminded of a balanced political outlook, Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9. For the purpose of balance, it respectfully chronicles the shift from Democratic to Republican Party with cause-and-effect – Vijay Gutte’s parody ends up on a frustrating note.
And then real footage (240p) with real faces of Dr. Singh, Sonia Gandhi, etc. keep interfering, what’s the purpose? Apart from a parody and a cinematic trauma, what’s the purpose? The over-manipulating background score evokes contradictory (read: hysterical) emotions, it makes serious happenings look goat. By the end, I recalled the disclaimer which states, it’s for entertainment purpose. Even if I oversee the political belonging, it failed to serve any entertainment purpose apart from a parody; even parodies available on YouTube are better written and executed than this incidental film.

Anupam Kher pulls up his mimicry leverage. The dialogue delivery fluctuates and the tone of a submissive persona comes as laughter, Kher enacts Dr. Singh on the lines of offensive “Singh Jokes”. Akshaye Khanna brings all the charm through his smirky performance, even if the cockiness remains unexplained – he slays throughout. With an ensemble of actors perfectly matching the real characters, they don’t really add anything other than the audience reacting to the perfect cast, where’s the writing?

The Accidental Prime Minister has a constant tonal shift, by being a parody released just before the Lok Sabha Elections – it’s a matter of concern. Keeping aside any sort of political view, as a film it fails on every level since it doesn’t respect the craft of filmmaking.

Language: Hindi
Release: 11 January, 2019
Rating: 1/5

Copyright ©2019 Ninad Kulkarni. This article may not be reproduced in its entirety without permission. A link to this URL, instead, would be appreciated.


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