Dear Mahesh Manjrekar,

There’s a demarcation between a character sketch and a personal outgrowth, the film’s title which literally translates as – Vyakti (Person) or Valli (Character) befits your endearing homage to P. L. Deshpande. While Purvardh (Part 1) adheres Valli, Uttarardh (Part 2) achieves the Vyakti. Kumar Gandharva’s “ऋणानुबंधाच्या जिथून पडल्या गाठी, भेटीत तृष्टता मोठी” which fairly translates as, “These bonds transcending relations have been forged in rendezvous most gratifying”, encapsulates the divine atmosphere and relationship dynamic, Bhai – Vyakti Ki Valli (Uttarardh) gratifies the experience.

I’m unaware how the millennial generation intoxicated with substance and technology will connect with the legend. Puroshottam and Sunita Deshpande, the couple once intoxicated reigns of Maharashtra with their transcending relationship; I’m unaware how they’ll be looked upon. It’s not merely a film, it’s an endearing tribute where you’ve succeeded in mounting a challenging canvas. While let alone the flaws to take a backseat, the simplicity bothered a lot. अलौलिक मैफिल!

Screenwriter Ganesh Matkari pens a tangible narrative which never makes a grandstand, it’s effective in reaching the fans of P. L. Deshpande. It’s a better upgradation than the previous part in terms of coherency and intensity. The legendary real-life characters now add valuable contribution paving a way for minor character development and arcs for instance, Baba Amte. P. L. Deshpande’s heritage now resides in nooks and corners of Maharashtra, his literary works still inspires many. Even in the darkest personal hour, his work befriended the lowest point in life to make it brighter.

As the prolong silence post-credits baffled the existence, the words ceased to exist. I hope the millennial generation knows the gist of Deshpande beyond merely being “the man from some biopic”.

Thank you for an endearing film, भाई – व्यक्ती की वल्ली!

Copyright ©2019 Ninad Kulkarni. This article may not be reproduced in its entirety without permission. A link to this URL, instead, would be appreciated.


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