AVENGERS – ENDGAME: experiencing an euphoric spectacle

IT’S THE ENDGAME, WHATEVER IT TAKES TO EXPERIENCE THE CLOSURE OF A MARVELLOUS UNIVERSE. Avengers: Endgame by The Russo Brothers is a culmination of 11 years of build-up and 20+ Marvel Cinematic Universe Films, a bittersweet love letter to the devotees of Marvel. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely explore an unprecedented path through a poignant and powerful finale, the makers dive deep into reigns of the psyche. Avengers: Endgame steps beyond infinity in terms of its visual grandeur and massive scale; it’s an emotional rollercoaster which unravels a post-war environment with Superheroes embedded in humanistic approach and study – emotional loss, helplessness, courage, sacrifice, pervasive feeling of failure and post-traumatic stress. These particular humane feelings culminate into a fandom service in the realm of a tear-jerker as well as an emotional crescendo in an epic dazzling of a visual spectacle. Avengers: Endgame is probably past any extravaganza we’ll be witnessing anytime soon, the camaraderie and the assemblage suffice humongous cinematic satisfaction.

Nevertheless, Avengers: Endgame is a self-indulgent experience and above all, it’s an homage – an end of a saga. And the massive film has shows lined up 24×7, IMAX shows being sold out within minutes and a widespread of communal feeling in terms of, excitement, ailment, and acceptance. Gerald Evans, pursuing Film Major from Georgia Southern University writes, “I’m proud to have been alive to witness this impeccably well-crafted slice of Blockbuster filmmaking. I can’t describe in words how powerful an event Endgame was. From the cheering to the laughter to the shock, Endgame fires on all cylinders from every emotional regard. Even the most non-comic book film fans will find something to appreciate deeply about this unprecedented accomplishment.”

Himanshu Nahak, an avid Cinephile from Orissa exclaims, “I’m not a die-hard Marvel fan, but what I experienced was historic! Endgame took its time, but it absorbed us into their void silent world; it truly felt lonelier inside. And then we have a tiny bit of hope, what’s interesting is how our heroes fear the feeling called HOPE. Our heroes were damaged beyond repair, that’s what Marvel is about: standing back up. We’re fully cheering our lungs out loud followed by dead silence when a hero is slain. I shall never forget how attached I was to the characters. I shall not forget the feeling of despair and the fear of hope. And the chase of a new future risking everything. Whatever it takes!”

Ashka Naik, pursuing Masters in Clinical Psychology writes, “We sat on the literal edges of our seats, a wild excitement from every single viewer was heard as we hooted and cried in electric unity. Endgame wasn’t just a story about superheroes, it left us with years worth of lessons and emotions. We sat there in emptiness until the last credit rolled, still unable to believe or accept that it was over.”Harish Mallya, a Kannada Film Critic from Bangalore writes, “My kid quickly gave me an overview and some YouTube video just to know what was required for me to experience the Endgame and it did help. What I witnessed was some spectacle on-screen and a response from the audience that probably was way much greater than I had seen in any live sports event. Probably, it was a celebration time for the fans and followers and the film ensured the fans get more than what they expected.”

Chinmay Sawant, pursuing Hotel Management in Goa ended up watching 2D version says, “I sat there waiting for my journey with MCU of 11 years to unfold and reach into its Endgame, slowly, taking its own time unraveling each part of it with each scene. I remember watching Iron Man (2008) like any other superhero movie, never ever realizing that it will become such a part of my life, one that I could never forget. You gasp, you laugh, you worry and you smile watching these superheroes trying to figure out their daily life-like a simple human being, which is the exact reason they seem like people you always knew and talked to. Even now, I sit humbled by the sheer brilliance of such a journey impacting my life. Such a journey of which I will be not a part of.”

Vivek Jadhav, an Engineering graduate and a diehard Marvel fan exclaims, “Whenever I’ll speak of my childhood and teenage years, Avengers will be a major part it.” while Bhavana, a housewife who experienced such fan frenzy for the first time, “What I experienced at 5.30am show shall be compared with an Indian religious festival known as Diwali which encompasses the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.”Siddhartha Singh, a young Film Critic from Agra who juggled between his EndSem and Endgame shares, “This constantly escalating excitement translated into a roller coaster ride of emotions in the theatre today, as the crowd erupted to almost every sequence; with my soul experiencing a bittersweet feeling as its end credits rolled. The same depicted not just the end of a mere film, it marks the end of an era of Marvel Cinematic Universe, and glorious legacies of our celebrated Avengers.”

Avengers: Endgame is an unconquerable and rewarding euphoric experience which stirred such emotions across the globe. Amidst an epic battle scene, I found myself crying and ultimately realizing the end of a saga and the momentary sparks shall not be experienced again. I have a throat pain but it no longer matters in larger cinematic perspective, blame it on a terrific moment featuring Thor’s hammer and an Avenger – the moment where every freaking soul in the auditorium screamed their hearts out has embossed a lifelong and an unforgettable impression. The Russo Brothers and Marvel Studios dazzle with a visual spectacle underlining a blanket of poignant emotions. And the feeling attached can be found in what Captain America exclaims, “Some people move on. But not us… Not us.” – it’s impossible to move over such an epic experience. Thank You Russo Brothers and Marvel Studios for being an integral part while growing up!

Language: English
Release: 26 April, 2019
Rating: Infinity

Copyright ©2019 Ninad Kulkarni. This article may not be reproduced in its entirety without permission. A link to this URL, instead, would be appreciated.


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